Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A little about me;

Hello all.
This is my first blogpost, yay!
My names Tegan and i was born on the 13th of June 1997. So, that makes me 15.
I live in Australia and i am currently in year 9. Well actually, im on school holidays so in a few months ill be in year 10!

 A little bit about myself; i love beauty and fashion,I have a big heart for animals,i love designing and decorating things and ofcourse love shopping! In my spare time, i enjoy watching youtube videos that are beauty/fashion related. 
Youtube is actually one of the reasons that has inspired me to start a blog. Many of the 'youtubers' that i watch are also bloggers. Im not as daring to start a youtube channel so i thought, why not start a blog. 

I will mainly be talking about makeup, fashion and my thoughts. 
As i am new and have never started a blog before, it will definitely not be the best blog you've seen, but ill try my best! My photo quality also may not be the best, but i am currently saving up for a professional camera. I hope this gives you a little idea about me. I would love your feedback and maybe even follow my blog?

Thanks alot for reading!

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