Thursday, December 20, 2012

Everyday Makeup Routine

I thought i would share my everyday makeup routine.

Not the best quality, sorry! 
First i apply my elf complete coverage concealer palette. I use the second colour from the left, as it is the lightest. I use this colour for under my eyes to brighten them. I really LOVE how much it brightens up my under-eyes and hides my black circles. I than use the concealer next to it  (third from left) for my blemishes imperfections etc,. I really like this concealer palette, its definitely worth the money as it is quite cheap. However i purchased it online awhile ago because at the time i couldn't find it anywhere! 

So the foundation i am currently using is Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hour in 103 true ivory. I would say the price ranges from $17.00-$18.00 in Australia. I have dry to combination skin but can be oily on the chin and top of nose.This is my second bottle,which is nearly finished, so I've already purchased another one! I can tell you that this foundation definitely doesn't last for '25 hours'. However, it last quite longer than other foundations i have tryed in the past. If i haven't touched my makeup up during the day, the foundation stays on but not as flawless as it was when i applied it.  I would say its medium coverage but definitely build-able. The only down side i can think of is the packaging, i really wish they would come out with a glass bottle maybe? or even a pump. In the summer time especially it can pour out a little bit when opening the lid. 

The next step, is my bronzer. The bronzer i use is by ModelsPrefer in the colour sunkissed (looks lighter in the photo than it is) . its only $10.00!! I quite like the colour it looks  nice with my skin colour ( im pale ). Very easy to apply, very buildable. Not much to say about the bronzer, i like it alot and will most likely repurchase it!

Than i apply  a powder to get rid of any streaks etc, i may have and i really like a powerdery finish. 
The powder i use is Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder. This product ranges from $12.00-13.00. This is my first time using this product and i only purchased it about a week ago. So, i cant say to much about it. The packaging is quite nice, good size.  I like how it makes my skin look but as i said ive only been using it for a week so i cant give a full review about it. 

Than i apply my mascara. The mascara i am currently using is Revlon Grow Luscious by fabulash. 
Its $21.00-$22.00. It gives my eyelashes a nice long length and also darkens them a bit, which i love! I really love the brush as its easy to work with and gets every lash. It doesn't clump much, i would say its happen to be now and again. The only down side is that it smudges quite easily and by the end of the day i will have faintly black smudges under my eyes. There not that noticeable or bad but i thought i would mention it. They came out with this mascara but waterproof, so I've been thinking of buying that which may stop the smudging.  Overall, i really like this mascara and may repurchase it in the future!

Than i apply my Lucas Papaw Ointment cream (lipbalm). It ranges around $5.00.I LOVE this stuff, like LOVE! It is constantly with me and i use it everyday. It really helps my lips have moisture and to repair when cracked. It can also be used for bans,rashes etc,. Although its a little pricey, its definitely worth the money.

All that's left to talk about is the brushes. To apply my foundation i normally use my fingers and than i use a sponge to blend/smooth it out. I than use my elf powder brush to go over my foundation. For bronzer i use my elf professional bronzing angled brush and for my powder i use elf professional total face brush. These brushes are quite soft but shed a little bit. They are quite cheap, so definitely worth the money. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my everyday makeup routine. I hope my reviews helped you choose weather you liked a certain product or not. This is just my opinion and my experiences  you should definitely try them out yourself!
Thankyou lovelys xo


  1. this elf palette is awesome :)
    great post!

  2. I adore the stay matte power, just as good as high-end powders for a quarter of the price!
    Rachael x