Monday, October 20, 2014

Everything really does happen for a reason!

This is so surprisingly true. I went through the worst year and a half and honestly didn't think it would get better. Why me!!??? I never thought in a million years I would understand or even some what come to terms with what happened. But if that thing didn't happen in my life I wouldn't be the person I am today. I am so unbelievably happy, I finally have confidence, I don't depend on others for happyness and I grew up and matured as a person. I am still so shocked that I'm okay with what happened, I never ever thought I would be. It has honestly changed my life for the better which is why this quote explains so much. I was so unhappy for a while and in so much pain and going through a million things but I wouldn't be so happy with my self today if those things didn't happen. So thankyou to the person who hurt me so bad, I won after all :)   

(Posted on phone so not edited properly)  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

So many thoughts

After being absent from my blog for a very longggg time, I've kinda of forgotten not only how to write but also how to design it. Oh well, practice makes perfect…again. Ive missed writing even though I'm certainly positive no ones listening, its nice to get your thoughts or interests out. Lately I've been feeling quite lonely like no one is REALLY there  for me. Im always there for my friends, i have to close friends. One is always there for me which is why I've felt like i don't want to annoy her anymore with my problems on the other hand the other friend is never there for me. I'll get the occasionally ' I'm here for you' message but I've rather see action than words. I would drop anything to be there for my friends where as i don't get the same attention back. My sister who I'm super close with is away on holidays in Europe, lucky duck! So thats rules her out of the equation as well. However, I've found a new friend her names diary. Weird huh? Very! The other day i brought a really nice book with plain pages and started writing down day by day my thoughts, what happened, how I'm feeling etc,. This has helped me a lot! Ever felt like you're just building everything up inside waiting to explode? Well thats how i was feeling! Until i sat down and wrote down everything. I honestly feel like a massive weight has been lifted of my shoulders. Not only that but you always get to say WHATEVER you want to say without having someone sit there and judge you. Also i feel sometimes someones option or advice can be super over powering, but you don't have to worry about any of that. I always knew this 'friend' was never truly there for me, but when i made it quite clear i needed a friend at this certain time she was no where to be seen. It out rages me that someone could lie through there own teeth and see they'll be there for you. I have done everything to be there for her when she needs me, which is a lot of time. It can sometimes even became overwhelming for me. But when a friends in need you put ALL of your needs aside. But clearly we don't all think like this. She honestly does not deserve to even have me as a friend, if you all knew the past we had and what she has done to me. You all would be screaming whyyyyyyyyyy the hell are you friends with her? But to be honest i don't even know the answer myself.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Current Loves

I thought i would share my new current loves.

As im still debating on which decent camera to buy, i just going to pick the items i mention off the internet.
Sooo here we go!


I have been LOVING ( could possibly be a understatement ) my Maybelliene dream 
fresh bb cream. This product is absolutely amazing. I was super surprised i liked it. I never really wanted to buy it but maybelliene was having a 50% off sale so i picked it up. Before i tryed this bb cream i was into the medium to full coverage look, every time i wore makeup. As bb creams are very light coverage i thought i wasnt going to really like it. But this makes you skin look amazing and makes it look like you are wearing absoloutyly nothing on, even sometimes i forget im wearing it....

Nars pressed power. My one is in the shade flesh if anyone was wondering.
This powder is amazing! I am a very huge fan of the Rimmel london stay matte pressed powder, but i found it can be a bit to heavy sometimes. I have  dry/combination skin and this powder is perfect. It is very finely milled which means its very light on the skin. It sets my foundation very well, while feeling like i have nothing on my face. Loves it!

Bourjois bronzing primer. This is a moose/cream bronzer. If you have heared of Chanel Universal bronzer than this is very similar but much cheaper! I got this off asos as i dont believe its avaiable in Australia's stores. This product is amazing for a natural contour or as a bronzer. I absloutely love this product and feel that it will be a summer staple!  

Rimmel london glam eyes liquid eyeliner. This product is super easy to use as the tip is very thin. It makes liquid eyeliner so easy to do. I have been loving a very bronze natural look for the face with a liquid eyeliner. it stays put all day and doesnt smudge at all and the price is amazing !

 When i want to go for more of a softer/messier look on the eyes, i will use the Rimmel london kajal kohl liner in black! These eyeliners have been raved about on youtube and i finally got some and have been wearing the black one like crazy. Stays put all day, super easy to smudge as well, love it !

My last beauty favourite is the Maybelliene colour whisper in Lush for Blush! First of all this colour is a really pretty purple tone nude. The formula is amazing, super moutiziring! The main thing i love about this product is how it weres off. i can wear this lipstick to work where i cant re apply it and it doesnt come off in weird spots etc,. It comes of all over my lips evenly and looks like you werent even wearing lipstick. Which i personally love, because when it does come off i dont have to re apply! 

Random Favourites;(Things i have been loving besides beauty)

My first random favourite is candles! I have been loving burning candles. I always have 2 candles burning at a time, not sure why.. haha But one of them has been this candle on the left.Its only $6.00 from Kmart ! It seems like sweet vanilla and vanilla is my favourite scent. I have already finished this candle and need to pick up another one. I also love thats its 3 wick and the glass its in, is so cute. 

Green tea! i use to think green tea was horrible but it actually isn't! As i'm trying to eat more healthy now, green tea has a lot of benefits! It doesn't really have much of a flavour but i just really enjoy drinking it. I love having it on a more colder day, while doing some homework.I have been obsessed with green tea lately. If you haven't tried green tea i definitely reccomond trying it. As i said it has heaps of benefits and has 0 calories !

Its a comedy TV series that is absolutely hilarious! Chris Liley is the producer and actor in this series. He is also famous for Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes. They are both very funny aswell. Like laugh your head off for 30 minutes funny!

Thats all my current favourites at the moment ! 
i hope you guys enjoyedddddddddd x

Monday, October 14, 2013


Bloggers you love?

Keeping a regular update on my blog is MUCH harder than i thought, or am i just super lazy? Either way i haven't been posting hardly ever. I always say i'm going to and never do. It just takes some time and thought to write a blog post i guess. I haven't had a lot of spare time lately and am actually going through a rough time. From the start of the year till now has not be so great for me. I started a blog when i started going through my tough time to get my feelings out but also express my love for makeup & beauty to get my mind off everything else that was going on. But when i do have spare time i just would rather do nothing. My life has been very stressful this year constantly and i haven't really had a break from it. Which sucks a lot and is very hard to look at the positives in life. I check/read blogs that i follow now and again and i just realized i only follow about 5 people. Whaattt!? yes. only 5 people! So, if you follow blogs that you love and recommend please let me know in the comments below :) I love beauty, fashion and life blogs. I guess, very similar to the meaning of mine. Blogs that i follow are ;

Zoe - She has a very similar concept about her blog as mine. Beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her blog and post are amazing!
Caroline - She is a beauty 'guru' on YouTube as well as Zoe. Her blog is about beauty :)
June - She is also a you tuber and her blog is about fashion, makeup and her life. I really love her blog aswell!
Louise - a.k.a Sprinkle of glitter! I love her YouTube channel and blog. She brightens up  my day in a instant she so funny, beautiful and her blog post are amazing. She also updates her blog alot, i believe roughly 4 times a week if not more, which is awesome!
Liz - Then there's liz. Her blog is different from the previous girls. She writes about amazing decorations for rooms and amazing DIY! like amazing!! I wish i could do them but i dont really have a creative bone in my body haha. Her blog is amazingggg!

See! Only a handful of people i follow, bad bad bad! please let me knoww who you love and i will be sure to check them out :) Thanks !

Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Tag

First tweet? I think this was actually the whole reason I made twitter haha but my first tweet was to X-factor ( you know how they show them at the bottom of the screen) and it was to my cousin who was on x-factor and I was a cute little message haha, she actually came 2nd in X-factor so that was pretty cool!
First person you subscribed to on YouTube? Oh, gosh. That was a loooong time ago! Um... I'm not actually to sure. I think maybe Hemmo1996 ( 5 seconds of summer ) or missvanityvixen ( who no longer makes videos :( )
First Facebook profile picture? I actually have no idea. Probably some really embarrassing 'selfie'
Do you still talk to your first love? I've never been in love...I'm 15 haha but lets say my first crush and no Hahaha
What was your first alcoholic drink? My first drink was a red cruiser at a family party
What was your first job? My first job is my current job and I'm working at Kmart :)
What was your first car? I don't own a car nor am I even old enough too haha
Who was the first person to text you today? That would be my sister asking if I was awake haah
Who was your first grade teacher? Miss dimmos! Best teacher everrrrrr!
Where did you go in your first ride on a airplane? I went to Queensland last year and it was awesome!
Who was your first best friend and do you still talk? My first best friend was a girl called Madison, we met in kindergarten and were best friends till year 7. We went to different high schools and just grew apart :(. We talk occasionally but not a lot
Where was your first sleepover? Probably at my best friends house, Madison.
What was the first thing you did this morning? I went on my phone... Haha
What was your first concert you even went to? Jessie J!
First ever broken bone? My arm grade 3 or 4, it hurt ALOT!
First piercing ? My ears
First foreign country you've gone too ? I haven't :(' one day though!
First movie you remember seeing? Oh gosh... Ummm i have no idea!
Who was your first roommate? My family... Haha
If you had one wish, what would it be? Erggghh ummm. For everyone in my family to be healthy and happy!
What was the first sport you were involved in? Dancing. I did jazz!
What is the first thing you do when you get home? Jump in some comfy clothes, get food and watch YouTube videos..hhaa

That's all the questions, thought I would do a tag. As I'm too lazy to do anything that involves photos and editing etc,... Hhaa was I suppose to admit that? Anyways, toodlelooo xoxoox

Friday, May 10, 2013

April Favourites

This past few months I have brought quite a lot of makeup, so this month I was trying a lot of new products and found some that I LOVE.


For face products this month i have been loving the Revlon Colourstay foundation. This was my first time trying this foundation and i wanted to know what all the hype was about. The main thing im in love with this foundation is the colour match. If your pale like myself, you may find it difficult to find a foundation that is lighter enough to match your skintone. I had no luck with foundations, they were always a little to dark but this foundation matches me perfectly. Its look really natural and stays on all day. Its medium to full coverage which i really like, i just hate the price! $35.00!! way overpriced....

For concealer this month i have been loving The Balm Time Balm concealer! Its a full coverage concealer which is why i brought it. I love how its full coverage and its just so bendable and easy to work with as well as staying put all day! 

For bronzer this month i have been loving The Balm Bahama Mama. Its has no orangeness to it at all! It has a few shimmer particles but definitely more on the matte side. Its a little hard to work with but once you get use to it, its easy. I love how it looks on the skin, it looks really natural.
Than i have The Balm blush in Hot Mama. Hot mama is a peachy blush with old shimmer. I love the gold shimmer in this blush, it gives such a nice natural glow without being overly shimmery. The pigmentation isn't all that great but definitely build able. 

I'm not a huge blush person but I've also been using Topshop blush in Head Over Heels a lot this month too. Its not a colour i would normally go for as i like a more of a settle darker blush compared to hot pinks etc,. However this blush is a coral colour which is so beautiful ! Its also my first cream blush, yay for that!? 

The last thing for my face products is the Mary Lou-manizer. I LOVE this highlight. Its a creamy, yellow toned highlight. Its definitely more of a extreme highlight compared to others but that's why i love it! Its looks so pretty, especially when its caught by the light. 

These are some (poorly) swatches top from bottom are Hot Mama blush, Bahama Mama bronzer, Topshop Head over heels and Mary Lou-manizer.
For eyes this month i have been loving the Physicians Formula nude palette. I got this on sale ( no way was i paying $26.00) The colours are so pretty, I'm obsessed  The pigmentation could be better, but overall its a awesome everyday nude palette. 

Ive also been loving the Maybelliene colour tattoo in Bad to the bronze. Its a really nice base but also a over the lid colour. You can just pop it on and go. 

The mascara from The Balm called Whats your type? Bodybuilder. It makes the eyelashes look long,defined,bold which i really really love.

Than lastly  the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in cottage cheese  Its an amazing inner corner highlight as well as a brow bone and in the water line. 
These are some (once again poorly) swatches of some of the eyeshadows from the Physicals Formula nude palette. 2nd from the bottom is The Maybelline colour tattoo and at the bottom is the NYX jumbo eye pencil (which the photo does not do it justice) 

Wow...yes a lot of favorites this month. But lastly, i have been loving the Sigma F82 round kabuki brush for foundation which is amazing! Its so soft and really easy to work with. For foundation i've also been loving the beauty blender which makes foundation so easy and quick to apply. It makes your foundation look flawless. Than the real technique expert face brush, i have really enjoyed using this for contouring as it gives a nice precise line but you can also use it to blend out.

So that's all my favorites for April, wow that was a lot... But i have been trying out so many products, that's why! Hope you guys enjoyed, what have you been loving through April?

Monday, March 4, 2013


Where have i been?...

Soooo..... I haven't wrote a blog post in a while now. I've been very busy lately and have had no time to sit down and write. I've been very stressed about school and what not. On a positive note i'll be writing blog-post again, yay!
I have a VERY big collective haul coming soon!
I have been  buying a lot of makeup in the last few months, that ill share with yous in the next few blog post :)
I also have many more ideas to do blog post on in the near future, so stay tuned for those.

Im also not going to be taking part in the Bedroom Beauty Challenge, that my last post was about. Maybe in the near future, but not any time soon. I still dont have the confidence too, i did try though. I played with my makeup and created a look. I even took photos and started writing my blog post. But i really didnt have the confidence and just couldnt press the publish button. Im quite happy i tryed though.
But very new exciting posts sooooooooon :)