Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Current Loves

I thought i would share my new current loves.

As im still debating on which decent camera to buy, i just going to pick the items i mention off the internet.
Sooo here we go!


I have been LOVING ( could possibly be a understatement ) my Maybelliene dream 
fresh bb cream. This product is absolutely amazing. I was super surprised i liked it. I never really wanted to buy it but maybelliene was having a 50% off sale so i picked it up. Before i tryed this bb cream i was into the medium to full coverage look, every time i wore makeup. As bb creams are very light coverage i thought i wasnt going to really like it. But this makes you skin look amazing and makes it look like you are wearing absoloutyly nothing on, even sometimes i forget im wearing it....

Nars pressed power. My one is in the shade flesh if anyone was wondering.
This powder is amazing! I am a very huge fan of the Rimmel london stay matte pressed powder, but i found it can be a bit to heavy sometimes. I have  dry/combination skin and this powder is perfect. It is very finely milled which means its very light on the skin. It sets my foundation very well, while feeling like i have nothing on my face. Loves it!

Bourjois bronzing primer. This is a moose/cream bronzer. If you have heared of Chanel Universal bronzer than this is very similar but much cheaper! I got this off asos as i dont believe its avaiable in Australia's stores. This product is amazing for a natural contour or as a bronzer. I absloutely love this product and feel that it will be a summer staple!  

Rimmel london glam eyes liquid eyeliner. This product is super easy to use as the tip is very thin. It makes liquid eyeliner so easy to do. I have been loving a very bronze natural look for the face with a liquid eyeliner. it stays put all day and doesnt smudge at all and the price is amazing !

 When i want to go for more of a softer/messier look on the eyes, i will use the Rimmel london kajal kohl liner in black! These eyeliners have been raved about on youtube and i finally got some and have been wearing the black one like crazy. Stays put all day, super easy to smudge as well, love it !

My last beauty favourite is the Maybelliene colour whisper in Lush for Blush! First of all this colour is a really pretty purple tone nude. The formula is amazing, super moutiziring! The main thing i love about this product is how it weres off. i can wear this lipstick to work where i cant re apply it and it doesnt come off in weird spots etc,. It comes of all over my lips evenly and looks like you werent even wearing lipstick. Which i personally love, because when it does come off i dont have to re apply! 

Random Favourites;(Things i have been loving besides beauty)

My first random favourite is candles! I have been loving burning candles. I always have 2 candles burning at a time, not sure why.. haha But one of them has been this candle on the left.Its only $6.00 from Kmart ! It seems like sweet vanilla and vanilla is my favourite scent. I have already finished this candle and need to pick up another one. I also love thats its 3 wick and the glass its in, is so cute. 

Green tea! i use to think green tea was horrible but it actually isn't! As i'm trying to eat more healthy now, green tea has a lot of benefits! It doesn't really have much of a flavour but i just really enjoy drinking it. I love having it on a more colder day, while doing some homework.I have been obsessed with green tea lately. If you haven't tried green tea i definitely reccomond trying it. As i said it has heaps of benefits and has 0 calories !

Its a comedy TV series that is absolutely hilarious! Chris Liley is the producer and actor in this series. He is also famous for Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes. They are both very funny aswell. Like laugh your head off for 30 minutes funny!

Thats all my current favourites at the moment ! 
i hope you guys enjoyedddddddddd x

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