Monday, October 14, 2013


Bloggers you love?

Keeping a regular update on my blog is MUCH harder than i thought, or am i just super lazy? Either way i haven't been posting hardly ever. I always say i'm going to and never do. It just takes some time and thought to write a blog post i guess. I haven't had a lot of spare time lately and am actually going through a rough time. From the start of the year till now has not be so great for me. I started a blog when i started going through my tough time to get my feelings out but also express my love for makeup & beauty to get my mind off everything else that was going on. But when i do have spare time i just would rather do nothing. My life has been very stressful this year constantly and i haven't really had a break from it. Which sucks a lot and is very hard to look at the positives in life. I check/read blogs that i follow now and again and i just realized i only follow about 5 people. Whaattt!? yes. only 5 people! So, if you follow blogs that you love and recommend please let me know in the comments below :) I love beauty, fashion and life blogs. I guess, very similar to the meaning of mine. Blogs that i follow are ;

Zoe - She has a very similar concept about her blog as mine. Beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her blog and post are amazing!
Caroline - She is a beauty 'guru' on YouTube as well as Zoe. Her blog is about beauty :)
June - She is also a you tuber and her blog is about fashion, makeup and her life. I really love her blog aswell!
Louise - a.k.a Sprinkle of glitter! I love her YouTube channel and blog. She brightens up  my day in a instant she so funny, beautiful and her blog post are amazing. She also updates her blog alot, i believe roughly 4 times a week if not more, which is awesome!
Liz - Then there's liz. Her blog is different from the previous girls. She writes about amazing decorations for rooms and amazing DIY! like amazing!! I wish i could do them but i dont really have a creative bone in my body haha. Her blog is amazingggg!

See! Only a handful of people i follow, bad bad bad! please let me knoww who you love and i will be sure to check them out :) Thanks !

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