Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mini haul


Few things ive picked up in the past few days, thought i would share with you all.
       Medium size stand mirror/ Local cheap shop
I purchased this mirror from my local cheap shop also know as the '$2.00 shop'. 
Even though hardly anything is $2.00...

I brought this mirror to apply my mascara and lipstick etc,. As my mirror in my room is on my wall and has a desk between us, it can be quite hard to see my eyelashes etc,. ( i apologize for the hand prints) 

            Bubblegum lip scrub/Lush
I had been eyeing this lip scrub for awhile now and finally went and purchased it.  I have quite dry/cracked lips often and thought i should give this a try. So far, i like it! It is $10.00 but you do get a little of product and definitely would last you awhile.

Jen Lace Up Round Toe Broque Ballet/
I ordered this shoes off . This is not the type of shoes i would normaly buy but i thought why not, i like them and they were only $12.00! Amazing or what!?

Vintage looking holder stand/Cheap store
Im re-doing/re-decorating my room and i have a certain look im going for. And this seemed quite perfect for my room. What im going to put on it, i still dont know... But hey! It was $10.00 and im sure ill find something.   

Detangler brush/Local chemist
I than purchased this detangler brush from my local chemist. I needed a new brush and the detangler brushes seem to be quite good, so i thought why not!? It was around $13.00-14.00 which isnt to bad. So far i like it! 

                  My next haul is going to be much more exciting and i can not wait for them to arrive! 

                  Why does shipping take so long? Why? ):   



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