Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On a personal note...

2013|New Year|New me?

I never really had resolutions or took them seriously anyways. But this year i did. I feel like this year is really going to be different. I'm quite a shy person and don't make friends easily. But after reading Zoella's post 'Just Say Yes' , im slowly changing, for the better. Im saying yes to more things and i will tell you now, its not easy. I recently just stopped being bestfriends with my 'bestfriend' who hurt me very much. It was a really hard time to go through, but its getting easier for me to cope with. She had the opposite personality to me, we were so alike but so different. She was more 'out there' and very confident.Which made is easier for her to meet new people, than me.

I'm a very shy person to people i first meet and am still shy even after knowing them quite well. For my close friends i'm myself, but it took about six months to get there. I'm also the type of person that thinks about EVERYTHING A LOT. Which really bothers me sometimes. When i plan to go out with friends for example i need to know everything, down to the littlest detail and i really don't know why. I just feel more comfortable i guess. But lately, after reading Zoella's post, i have started slowly coming out of my shell. I've been at my first job for about two and a half months now and I've started making friends. Instead of trying to avoid conversations, like i use too ( not rudely of course) I know start the conversations or try my best to continue them. I'm 'saying yes' to more things. For example, i never use to buy things online especially clothes just in case they didn't fit or i didn't like them and i would regret buying it and wasting my money. Another thing, i hate is regret. Because i think about things too much, it makes me regret things. I hate regretting things, so if i know exactly what i'm doing and think about stuff and know exactly whats going on, than i most likely wont regret anythings. Its not like the things i regret are bad things, for example it may be buying a certain thing, not buying a certain thing, going out and eating and forgetting to ask any of my family members if they would like me to bring something back for them. All that stupid little things that really don't matter, but to me they do? 

Anyways back on the positive note, I've been saying yes to more things lately. And it has made me such a happier person. I'm coming out of my shell, i feel more confident and i feel just so much more relaxed and happier. And seriously all the credit goes to Zoe. I would of never of thought to just step out of my comfort zone just a little if it wasn't for her blog post  I hate being out of my comfort zone, but doing it bit by bit and slowly makes it not so hard. I feel like i can be more independent now and make new friends etc,. I'm a person that keeps things in a lot and never likes to break down, in front of people anyways. I always do it in my spare time when no ones around or when no one will notice. I like to keep things inside, i don't know why. But writing this blog post, i have let a little bit about what i think on in the inside out. 

                              Thankyou for reading. Comments are welcome ! xo