Saturday, January 19, 2013

Challenge accepted !

Bedroom beauty challenge! 

Credit goes to Louise! I do not own this photo. 
If you follow Louise a.k.a sprinkle of glitter's blog, than you may already know this. 
She has started a bedroom beauty challenge! Sounds interesting right?
I read the rules and thought hmmmm this could be really fun and may help boost confidence for people, even me. If you have no idea what im talking about, i suggest you swing on by to Louise's blogpost ' Bedroom Beauty Challenge' and why not follow her!? Shes amazing! 
I recommended each and everyone of you reading this to take part. It will be a fun and new experience for yourself and no one has to know. 
I will be uploading pictures of the looks that i do and sharing them with you. 
Very much out of my comfort zone but that is my aim for 2013. To push me a little out of my comfort zone bit by bit and this is definitely a big leap for me that im ready to take, i think.... 
So lets see how this goes! Ill be uploading the picture of the look next week sometime, should be fun :)
Are you taking part?

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