Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My lipstick collection

 I only really wear lipsticks to parties and events, not on a everyday basis. 

This is all the lipsticks and very highly pigmented lip gloss/balm i own. I thought i would include some of my lip gloss because i would very much considered them as a lipstick for how pigmented they are.
I own three Revlon lipsticks. The first two are from the  Revlon Super Lustrous Collection, there both matte lipsticks and the other one is from the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter collection. They range around $20.00-22.00 AU. The packaging is quite nice and i really like how up the top, its clear and you can see the colour of the lipstick. The Revlon lip butter packaging can get quite annoying as it smudges a little when winding it up and down, other than that its fine.  
The colours are 012 Sky Pink, 006 Really Red and 075 Lollipop.
I really like these colours, my favorite would be 012 Sky Pink. It doesn't show up as well on camera but the colour is a really nice pale pink. The red is pretty much explained by the name 'really red'. Its more of a dark red, than a light red. The Revlon lip butter is a really nice purpley-pink colour. The Revlon lip butter is definitely more moisturizing than the Revlon lustrous collection. They stay on for quite a long time and maybe only needed to be re-applied a few times during the day/night. 
These lipsticks are from the Maybelline Colour Sensational Pearl Collection
 and Gosh Pearl Shine. I think they both range around $16.00-20.00 AU. The packaging is quite nice, not much to say. The Maybelline has a clear lid and the Gosh lipstick has a grey/black lid. 
 I ordered the Maybelline Colour Sensational  lipstick in 952 Glistening Pink online and the Gosh Pearl Shine  in 621 Papaya. When i ordered the Maybelline lipstick i thought it was going to be a pale pink colour. But its actually just a glossy finish with not much colour. At first i wasn't impressed but i actually really like it now, i wear it on top of other lipsticks and by itself. Its a really nice nude, everyday colour. The Gosh lipstick i got in a gift pack, I've near worn it just because its a really dark orange and has a glossy/metallic look, that im not really a huge fan of. 
These three lipsticks are cheap lipsticks that I've  gotten in gift sets/packs. The fist one is from colour co and the other three are a no name brand. 

The colour range is really nice. The first lipstick is a medium purple, which i really like. Its a really nice purple colour. There all really moisturizing  and quite pigmented. The seconded lipstick is a nice dark pink colour  and is quite pigmented. I really like this colour and would be my favorite out of the four. The third lipstick is quite sheer and not as pigmented. Its a light to medium pink colour. Its shows up orange in the photo but is a pink. The third colour as you can notice doesn't wind up but its still use able. Its very similar to the second color which is a dark pink colour.  All these lipsticks are very cheap and inexpensive and the quality is amazing for the price. 

I decided to include my very highly pigement lipgloss/lipbalm as i would consider them as lipsticks. I have Elf Conditioning lip balm, Baby Lips Pink Glow and two Maybelline Volume Seduction XL lip gloss's. 
The Elf Conditioning lip balm is in mellow melon. I really LOVE this colour. Its such a really nice coral pink summer colour. The only disappointing thing about this product is that it doesn't last for very long, i find my self having to always reapply the lip balm. I also included my Baby Lips Pink Glow in mixed berry. I'm so happy that Baby Lips came out with a tinted lip balm, i really love the colour and the pigmentation is really good. Than i have the Maybelline Volume Seduction XL lip gloss in sensuous ruby and full-bodied wine. The pigmentation is amazing and i absolutely love both these colours. They have a glossy finish and are also a lip plumber which is an added bonus. Not quite sure if it works though 

This is my lipstick collection, hope you gets enjoyed this post. 
Thanks for reading x

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